About Fortivitum

About Fortivitum

Whole Life Health

The aim was to find out how to be healthy, bright and look forward to every day at every stage of our life.  This entailed lots of research to find out what influences healthy longevity. It starts with food and nutrition, social life, stress balance, sense of fulfilment, exercise, DNA and lots more. 

The Science

We examined which vitamins and minerals the body really needs, and which of them inevitably get left out of a modern diet and lifestyle. There is lots of information out there but it can be very difficult to determine what is scientifically proven, so our team and network of Scientists, Pharmacists, Personal Nutritionists and Health Specialists has done the footwork for you.


Best performance

When sprayed into the mouth, vitamins are absorbed into the tissue through the capillaries, which lie close to the surface lining of the mouth. Oral sprays have a vitamin absorption rate of 93-95%.  By comparison, pills and capsules come in at just 10 - 30%. In comparison to other spray vitamins, FortiVitum’s dispenser is specially designed to deliver 30 - 40% smaller droplets of nutrients direct to your system. This is how we attain our exceptionally high absorption rates.


FortiVitum quality

Best quality

The next challenge was to find the best and purest ingredients! We left out the corn syrup, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, polysorbate 80, thickeners and other questionable ingredients.  We kept only the best quality vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. We manufacturing only in certificated and approved laboratories. Spray laboratory is a decade old FDA registered cGMP manufacturer of dietary supplements located in USA. "GREEN HONEY" is manufactured by certificated laboratory in Luxembourg.  

Choose correctly

Most oral spray supplements on the market contain a very low concentration of active ingredients. Others contain inferior ingredients and artificial additives. Fortivitum offers by far the best concentration and absorption rates on the market. Taste is important too. We found some products on the market taste unpleasant, and we even found products containing oil-based active ingredients which were packaged in plastic bottles - leading to a distinct plastic taste.  Our pleasant tasting supplements are healthy and easy to introduce into your daily routine. 



Our team of scientists are constantly trying to find new ways that can enhance not only our body, but our mind also. Some new products include sanitizers that don’t harm our skin. “OPEN-CELL SPIRULINA” technology that lets us absorb all bioactive elements in Spirulina Alge. 

Looking forward to the future

Fortivitum isn’t a pharmaceutical company, it’s a problem solving machine that creates products for the challenges we face today with the newest technologies and knowledge that we acquire from the best specialist in the world. So even though we are a new name, we’re here to last a while and to help you reach your full potential in the most effective and innovative way possible.


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