Vitamin D and How it Benefits You

Vitamin D and How it Benefits You

What is Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in foods such as tuna and sardines but unfortunately, it is found in a very small amount so many people need an extra source of vitamin D to meet the body’s requirement. It can also be available as dietary supplements. Sunlight plays an important role in the formation of vitamin D. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight trigger the synthesis of vitamin D when a strike on the skin. It is obtained from foods is biologically inactive and needs hydroxylation in liver and kidney. 80-90% of the vitamin is obtained through exposure to sunlight that is why it is also known as the sunshine vitamin. It influences almost 2000 genes and is necessary for the intestinal absorption of magnesium and calcium and it also has a protective effect against many diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes and cancer. It also supports respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and nervous system. Vitamin D is actually a prohormone because our body is able to synthesise it while vitamins cannot be synthesised in our body and we are dependent on diet and supplements to meet body’s daily requirements. Many types of research proved the effectiveness of vitamin D supplements especially oral spray supplements.

Why Vitamin D supplements are important:

According to vitamin D council state, you can get sufficient vitamin D in 2 ways, sunlight and supplements. Frequent exposure to sunlight is not possible because many people adopted indoor lifestyles that are why vitamin D supplements are gaining popularity worldwide. They are very effective to replenish vitamin D stores. These supplements are linked to many health benefits. Recent studies show that use of vitamin D oral spray supplements prevent type 2 Diabetes and also reduces pain and depression. They are also linked to prevent cognitive impairment in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The high vitamin D intake during pregnancy is also associated with the increase in the muscle strength of offspring. Vitamin D oral spray supplements deliver vitamin D directly into the bloodstream and are proved to be an excellent alternative to tablets. The half-life of vitamin D is only 2 weeks which means the stores can be depleted if not replenished especially in winters due to insufficient sunlight.


How does a vitamin D oral spray work?

Vitamin D oral spray is well known for its optimum absorption. It directly delivers the vitamin D straight into the blood stream and quickly increases the concentration of vitamin D in the blood. Multiple studies suggest that the use of vitamin D oral spray is superior to capsules or tablets. Our mouth contains highly absorbent tissues and richly supplied blood vessels that ensure the maximum absorption. Nowadays health conditions related to vitamin D deficiency are of major concern and recommendation of vitamin D supplements is increased because of its easy availability and affordable method of increasing vitamin D levels. Many physicians recommend vitamin D oral spray because capsule supplements are associated with GIT disturbances and vitamin D oral sprays bypass the gastrointestinal tract and go directly into the blood.

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